There are nearly 1 billion people around the world who have to walk every day to collect the water they need to drink, cook, and wash their hands. On average, they walk 6 kilometers each day. Often, the water they collect is dirty and will make them sick.

In honor of these families, we're holding the 20 Liters Running Challenge on Saturday, June 11, 2022.


Get Involved

Step 1: decide what challenge you'd like me meet. Participants can set any running challenge that they’d like, but a couple common challenges include:

The distance challenge: We’re starting with a 6K route. If you're new to running, maybe that's a good distance for you. But, last year, one of our supporters challenged himself to run a 36K. What is the challenge you'd like to meet?

The pace challenge: We’ve got all day, but maybe you only have an hour. How far can you run in that hour?

The team challenge: Challenge your friends and family to be a part of your team and meet a running challenge together. Base your team goals on distance, pace or another personal challenge.

Step 2: Click the "Challenge Yourself" button to set up your campaign page. When you follow this link, you'll also get access to a full planning toolkit to help you in your efforts.

Step 3: Get Ready to Run. As a part of your training, share your efforts with friends and family to ask for their support in meeting your fundraising goals!


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